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Espresso Bar

The classic espresso, chocolatey and rich or a perfect cappuccino, soft and full of character, guaranteed to catch the eye and sure to provide a warm welcome.

Filter Bar

A simple yet stylish set-up that can be incorporated into any event or stand. Using a Chemex and/or Hario V60, we brew clean filter coffees: the staple of any honest, hard-working coffee drinker.

Coffee Cocktail Bar

If you want to close off your event with something different and a little more exciting, we offer a range of coffee cocktails, from the classic Irish coffee to a fresh Espresso Gin Tonic.


Our trainer team is ready to convey their passion and knowledge to new ánd experienced baristas alike. We offer years of experience, tailor-made to your needs, brought to your workplace, espresso bar or restaurant.


Learning how to make silky foam or hearts and bears in your latte might not be easy, but we love to teach you how. Or if you're perhaps more of a black coffee kind of person, a filter coffee workshop might be more your thing.


If you are just starting out or are in the process of re-evaluating the direction and needs of your business, with our combined experience, we have the knowledge you need.


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